What are the types of crusher

2022-6-7 17:09:04

The crusher is mainly crushed for various stones. Generally speaking, according to different stone properties, different crusher types can be selected. The common type of crusher types are jaw, cone breaking, and counterattack. These different types of crusher can be The size of the broken stones is different, and the production output is different.

1. Jaw crusher -rough crushing

Jaw crusher, the output can be arbitrarily selected between 1 ~/h. It is a universal device. It is famous for its large inlet mouth and deep cavity. The characteristics of convenient, efficient and environmental protection are especially suitable for rough operations of stones.

2. Counterattack crusher/cone crusher -medium crusher

Cone crusher, counterattack crusher. The former function is more advanced. It is crushed with layer pressure. The quality of the stone produced is better, and the damage is more abrasion. The price of the latter is lower.

3. Sand making machine -fine crushing

The sand making machine, also known as the impact crusher, uses the principles of "stone beating stone" and "stone beating iron". The finished sand grain type is more beautiful, the sand forming rate is high, and the VSI, HVI, HX and other types can be selected.

4. Hammer crusher -one molding

The hammer crusher is a crushing that adapts to various crispy minerals. Generally, the pressure resistance of the processing materials is less than 15%, and the moisture content is not more than 15%. The crushing processing can be used in crushing production lines and sand making machine production lines. It has the characteristics of stones that do not require secondary crushing.

Hammer crusher

5. Mobile crusher -smart advanced representative equipment

Mobile crusher is a mining machinery and equipment that collects functions, transportation, crushing, sand making, and screening. It is mainly used for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water conservancy, power supply and other industries. These industries, especially highways, Railway, water supply and power supply projects often need to relocate processing materials frequently, and mobile crusher can be used to treat raw materials. According to different scale and material requirements, the production line can be used in various configuration methods.

In addition, there are types of crusher, roller crusher, composite crusher, and high -efficiency fine crusher.

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