Understand how to use broken hammer

2022-6-7 17:10:13

1) Carefully read the operation manual of the hydraulic crushing hammer to prevent damage to the hydraulic crushing hammer and excavator, and operate them.

2) Check whether the bolt and connecting head are loose before operation, and whether there is a leakage of the hydraulic pipeline.

3) Do not peck on the hard rock with a hydraulic crushing hammer.

4) Do not operate a broken hammer in the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder.

5) The operation of the broken hammer should be stopped when the hydraulic hose appears fiercely vibrating, and the pressure of the storage device should be checked.

6) Prevent interference from the motivation arm of the excavator and the drill of the broken hammer.

7) Do not immerse the broken hammer in the water except the drill.

8) Do not use the broken hammer as a hanging appliance.

9) Do not operate the broken hammer on the side of the excavator.

10) When the hydraulic crushing hammer and hydraulic excavator or other engineering construction are connected, the working pressure and flow of the host hydraulic system meet the technical parameters of the hydraulic crushing hammer. The "A" port is connected with the host back to the host.

11) The temperature of the liquid pressure oil at the time of hydraulic crushing hammer is 50-60 degrees, and the height must not exceed 80 degrees. Otherwise, the load of hydraulic crushing hammer should be reduced.

12) The working medium used in hydraulic crushing hammer can usually be consistent with the oil use of the host hydraulic system. Generally, YB-N46 or YB-N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil is used, and YC-N46 or YC-N68 low-temperature hydraulic oil is used in cold areas. The accuracy of hydraulic oil filtration is not less than 50micro; m.

13) The newly repaired hydraulic crushing hammer is re -filled with nitrogen, and its pressure is 2.5 and ± 0.5MPa.

14) Lubrication with calcium -based lubrication or composite calcium base lubrication between the pupa handle and the cylinder -oriented cover, and each shift is injected once.

15) When the hydraulic crushing hammer works, press the rod on the rock first, and keep the crushing hammer after maintaining a certain pressure. It is not allowed to start in the suspended state.

16) The hydraulic crushing hammer is not allowed to be used as a prying bar to avoid breaking the rod.

17) The hydraulic crushing hammer and fibrous pole should be perpendicular to the working surface during use, which is based on the principle of not generating radial force.

18) The impact of the broken hammer should be stopped immediately when the crushed object has occurred or the cracks begin to cause a harmful "empty".

19) When the hydraulic crushing hammer should be stopped for a long time, the nitrogen should be placed, and the oil port is sealed, and the iron cuts is stored in an environment of high temperature and -20 degrees.

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